Hulitar Patient Gets A Ride In His
Dream Care

For over three decades, Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island has been providing expert medical care, comfort and compassion to individuals and their families during life’s most difficult journey.  Those who have used Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island services know that Hospice is about hope, dignity, and respect.  Most of all, it’s about ensuring quality of life during the remaining days of one’s life and helping to make one’s last days, months, or years the best they can be. 

Whether it means fulfilling a patient’s wish by arranging a visit to a special family place, or coordinating hospice care in another state so the patient can travel, taking an avid sports fan to a ball game, arranging a trip to Mt. Washington, or helping someone spend her final hours at her church … the stories are endless and heartwarming. 

Last week there was another perfect example of hospice staff working together to grant a patient’s wish.  Michael, better known as Mick, is a 32 year old patient at the Philip Hulitar Inpatient Center, suffering from a brain tumor.  During a conversation with his nurse, Piedad Gomez-Paulhus, Mick talked about his dream car, the sporty Nissan 350Z.  Shortly afterward, Piedad contacted Volunteer Manager Bobbi Wexler who called Nissan Village in North Attleboro.  The next day, which happened to be the nicest day of the year, a deep blue Nissan 350Z convertible was parked outside the Center.  With his dad behind the wheel and Mick in the passenger seat sporting designer sunglasses and a wide smile, off they went for a drive. 

Both Stephen Chauvin, General Sales Manager and Nick Rustom, the General Manager of Nissan Village were happy to see them return about 50 minutes later. 

If looks could tell a story, the expression on Mick’s face was priceless.