Hope Hospice Offers Tips for Dealing with Grief During the Holidays

As friends and families gather to celebrate the holidays this year, many individuals will be struggling to get through the celebrations because they are missing a loved one who has passed away. Especially during the first year following a loss, one of the hardest things for most grieving families and friends is deciding how to cope with the holidays. To help individuals and families deal with that challenge, Hope Hospice has offered a few thoughts that might help those grieving get through the holidays:

  • Plan Ahead: Take stock of the fact that you have been through a difficult time and the days ahead will be difficult. The holidays bring additional stress, which may affect you emotionally, mentally and physically. Prepare yourself and try to lighten your load.
  • Have a Conversation: Try to have a frank conversation with family and close friends and tell them what you want and need during this season. If you need time to be alone, tell them. If you want help with the holiday chores, ask. And listen to what others want - who are also feeling the same loss.
  • Consider Helping Others: During the holidays, many individuals find that volunteering or adopting a needy family or donating a gift to charity (if you have the means) can help get their minds off their own troubles.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Remember: There’s nothing wrong with remembering a loved one with a special candle in his/her memory or hanging an ornament or stocking that has your loved one’s name on it.
  • Take One Day at a Time: Whatever you end up doing during the holidays, whether it be an old tradition or starting a new one, take one day at a time. Don’t try and overload yourself to get through the days faster or just be alone until they are over.

Hope Hospice offers grief support groups throughout the year to those who are dealing with a loss. To learn more or get the help you need or a loved one needs, call (401) 415-4300.