This is What Hospice Means to Me
A poem by Eva Trahan of Pawtucket, R.I.

Hospice has brought me the will to live in peace and in happiness.
Hospice has introduced me to many new friends.
Hospice makes me feel like I am never alone.
Every visit from one of my new friends brings me comfort and joy.

My heart glows every time I hear the doorbell, knowing it is one of my friends.
I always give a smile, knowing it will be returned.
The quality of my life has improved very much.
Hospice gives my family and me emotional and spiritual strength every day.

I am very grateful for hospice.
No amount of words can express my appreciation for all of your services.
My best wishes are sent to you, one and all.

We came to rely on you so quickly
Rachel, Bertha, Paul and Josh Schurman, Kingston, R.I.

"Thank you so much for taking such loving and wonderful care of my father in his last days of life. My mother and the rest of us just could not have coped without your knowledgeable, competent and caring treatment. We came to rely on you so quickly and so intensely. We will never forget how you made his last wish possible - to pass away in the comfort of his home, rather than in a hospital. I wish you could have known him better - he was a wonderful, funny, gentle, bright and modest person. Thank you from all of us."

You make such a difference in the lives of others
The Girouard Family ( Brenda, Brad, Brandon), Cumberland, R.I.

"You are all 'ANGELS!' I very much appreciate EVERYTHING you all have ever done for everyone in my family. We could not have been more comfortable with you. You will always hold a very special place in our hearts ... You are all truly wonderful, big-hearted individuals. And you make such a difference in the lives of others. I can’t emphasize the thanks and appreciation for being with us throughout this journey. Thank you so much for your compassionate and loving care."

You are all the best
Gloria Drolet and Claire Mongeon, Cumberland, R.I.

"Division C Team: Thank you for all the love and care you gave our mom during her time of need. Also, a separate thanks for the comfort and support you gave to our family. You are all the best. God bless you all."