Spiritual Care

Learning that you or a loved one has a terminal illness presents many challenges.  It can also present opportunities for life review, realized potential, celebration of accomplishments, connection with loved ones, and reconciliation. Chaplains at Hope Hospice & Palliative Care Rhode Island are available to assist you with the challenges and opportunities that may arise.

A white LotusWhat is Spiritual Care? 
Spirituality can be described as that which gives meaning to life.  It refers to the universal human need for love, hope, relatedness, value, and dignity.  Spirituality may or may not involve religious beliefs and practices.  

How Can A Chaplain Help You?
As a member of the hospice team, the chaplain can be present with you or your loved one as important decisions are made at the end of life.  Each chaplain is trained to create safe environments in which an exploration of concerns and expression of feelings can be shared without judgment.  Fear, anxiety, despair, and even physical pain diminish when one feels heard and accepted in the process of coming to terms or coping with a terminal illness.  Our chaplains can help affirm personhood, self-worth, and dignity while allowing you to find your own answers.

Our hospice chaplains can provide support and an objective, listening presence as one considers questions about the purpose of life, suffering, need for forgiveness, and the progressive losses that accompany a serious illness.  Contemplating one's life can help establish a person's legacy, how one lives on in the future, or how one would like to be remembered.  Chaplains may also provide an honoring and caring presence for those unable to verbally express their thoughts and feelings.

Chaplains can also provide a calming presence through prayer, ritual, and the observance of religious practices.  They can also serve as a liaison to community clergy, assist with funeral and memorial services and support family members during a most difficult time.

Who are Hope Hospice & Palliative Care Rhode Island's Chaplains?
Hope Hospice & Palliative Care Rhode Island chaplains are highly trained professionals with advanced training in cultural and religious diversity as well as perspectives on health, disease, and death and dying. 

For more information about spiritual care services, please contact (401) 415-4200 and ask for the lead Chaplain.